Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'M BACK!!!!

Hi gang!  It has been a couple of years since my last post. Many things have happened since then. I will quickly bring you up to speed.
As of now, I still don't have an Theatrical Agent. Grrrr...... however things are changing.
1. I booked a guest star role on MAJOR CRIMES, possible it will recur in the future. I am part of a main story line of the show.  We will see.

2. I went to Europe for 7 weeks and decided I was a citizen of the World not just an American. I was in Scotland, Edinburgh to be exact and then to London for 3 days.  My tour ended in Paris, France, where I met a new family.  I gain many friends around the European Countries.
3. I experienced a few deaths in the family and close friends. This caused me to take a few steps back but quickly resume my adventure in life.
4. My short film Agua-Libre with the help of my friend, Eloy Mendez saw it's premiere in Las Vegas Film Festival.  I hope it will see more festivals. We had a great Q&A session.
5. I am now recurring as Officer Emmanuel Balan in the hit TV show, The Bridge!!!  My first official recurring role.  Unfortunately out of the 3 episodes you can only see me in one.  Maybe next year my character will come back.  Crossing all digits on this one.  Thank you Carla Hool!!!
6. I am continuing to write the feature of Agua-Libre.  It has taken longer but it is a big challenge for me.
7. Last week I booked an National and International commercial for Miller Lite!!!!!!!! I hope that the spot is great and the ad agency buys many markets. It is a 15 second spot so maybe you can see me on the internet too.  Watch out on those football games!!!
8. My latest short is in post-production, GOOD FRIDAY. Tom Connolly wrote this amazing short and will be out soon.
9. I took a hiatus on acting class since July of 2013. I hope I can return next year with a different attitude. However, I took a directing class and have shot about 5 shorts since May of 2013.
10. I have booked 7 Voice Over jobs with my dear casting director, Barbara Harris in 2014 thus far. Thank you Ms. Harris.  The latest one is MAD MAX.  It's going to be a success.

This is pretty much everything that has happened in a nutshell.  I need to post more things as they come around.  Here is looking at a new agent coming my way.

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