Monday, September 24, 2012

October nears

October is around the corner and I have yet to book a job. This has got to be the worst year since 2007. I don't understand what happened.  Learning experience phase this year has been, to appreciate what I had and I have always been appreciative. Feeling as if I am being pushed away by the power of be.
I was hoping that the feature, THE OBAMA EFFECT, would give me some push at least to set a meeting with an agent.  All of that has failed so far.

On the good side, I have been stage managing a play for extra dough, "Collected Stories"by Donald Marguliesstarring April Lang  and Natalie Sutherland.  The run has been going fantastic with amazing reviews.  I am proud to have helped these to ladies to success. Collected Stories Review

The lack of writing a blog is due to frustration. I am giving it my all and not much as grown out of these damn seeds.  What else is there to do? I know I am not a defeatist so this means I will continue to push forward. Wish me luck the Hollywood thing I knew it would be difficult but come on guys, give me a break.

THE OBAMA EFFECT feature will be coming out on DVD October 9th. Let's see what that brings.

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