Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Roller Coaster in the Abyss

I haven't been blogging lately. Why? I've been dealing with artist conundrum; from working with Michael Shannon to screaming in my car asking, "Why am I alive? Is there a purpose for me here and where is my life heading?
I see and hear many people wanting this acting thing and I say, "You have to be a stubborn bull inside a bullring with a matador spearing you over and over again."
You know you are a true artist if you have to wake up feeling like you can't live without it.
I feel as if my head is underwater pushed down by "the man".  I am someone that can't get enough of acting; it's addictive.
I haven't work in over 4 months and this bull is head mad.
However, hope and faith in myself and my art is the only strings I have left.  May someone notice my art! God help me. I have run out of ideas.

New works coming through BRUH PICTURES.