Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last time I posted a blog was back in November of '11, where it seemed that my career was going to take a turn for the best but then the holidays came and Hollywood shut down.  In January, I booked a PSA for the LosAngeles County Bicycle Coalition. view video  The spot was supposed to be
viewed by Angelenos in busses and the Metro but still to this day I haven't seen them; another disappointment.

In May and June I booked two voice over jobs, Katy's Perry Movie, and Gay Dude. I had a great time working as usual and always looking for the next job. Katy's Movie came out in July and Gay Dude hasn't come out yet.

I have had about 7 auditions so far this year and haven't booked; 5 commercials and 4 theatrical. In one commercial I had a call back and in the theatrical. I came close twice.  In one of them, after I finished the performance the casting director yelled, "You're hired!"...but that wasn't true.  Then came one film that was shooting in Texas and I was their top 3 choices but that didn't happen too.  And the last audition I had was last week Tuesday, July 22.  I had two words and the casting directors were hysterically laughing; didn't hear from them either.

One good thing, the film, THE OBAMA EFFECT, was screened in selected cities for two weeks and just heard that it will have wide distribution in OCTOBER!  This is the only thing that is helping me to carry on.

So I sit here and think about how many times in my life I've been through this.  I'm getting tiring of the rejection, I am so close yet it feels unattainable.

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